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Zhuhai Dehan Hotel (Zhuhai Dehan Dajiudian) is located at the intersection of Lover's Road and Haijing Road,  facing the South China Sea.

The hotel owns eight restaurants and bars which serve you with delicious Chinese cuisine and western food. The hotel has a great conference and banquet facilities. The Deluxe Multi Function Hall can hold 2000 people and equipped with latest audio visual.......more>>

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  • yexinf
    Went to old point, others are pretty cool
  • jimei99
    Hotel is old, but great view of mountain view is also very good, but why Windows you want to close?
  • e01535061
    Located near Fisher girl, good location, other General
  • dimpleyan
    Evergreen Marine Kingdom too late after the play, not in front of the original 18 o'clock, and by contacting the hotel, very considerate to delay the arrival time, was commendable.
  • cutebabies
    Very old hotel. facilities than the old. stayed only for one night.
  • Bill_Tian
    Guests with the room card to participate in the lobby hand-DIY, kids loved it!
  • cits900s4
    The room is too small, with five-star hotels in gap too far!
  • gong125
    Hotel location is good, had Street is free beach baths, but seawater yellow have didn't want to water. hotel facilities is old, but is clean. live of parent-child family room, room enough big, are on beach baths, Seaview good. Windows landing window, but full closed, has balcony but only see was permanent closed. child very like which of slide, kept of play, but slide Middle has wave-like of raised, child sliding of when is fear injury to tail vertebrae, adults in next has been helped with. bath water waterFlow is big, out hot fast, but bathtub and bathing between are didn't handheld of spent sprinkled, and hotel also no children bath disc, to children bath not too convenient, personal think that so are called family parent-child room has, the some things should prepared. pool stay free, regardless of men, women and children must bath cap. near eat of more, recommended hotel right hand side of St Joan buffet, good.
  • arlene2011
    Entered the room closet and a pair of children's shorts, evident that the cleaning is sloppy, older hotels do not say the other, is to control power on the nightstand and then didn't know what stupid out loud, adjustable air conditioning will drop at midnight to control the noisy. Other fine, towels did not use but looks clean, pillows a bit weird
  • rourou0623
    Unbeatable location, unbeatable sea views. satisfaction
  • e03339491
    Location was good, close to the ocean front, hotel staff very nice. decoration of old, laying carpet, a bit musty.
  • lining0826
    General General, General General General General General General, General General...
  • ljlyxlly
    Good location, the hotel is a bit old
  • gigipapa
    Best installation of the bathroom shower, fixed in the nozzle on the wall washing isn't convenient. tub quite useless, recommendations removed, converted into a shower. When leaving the hotel left a face and hair object consists of three parts, went home after the discovery. to call the hotel, only two pieces, one did not see ... through dialogue, namely, Wash items. later receive a return parcel post, open look, both are doing hair, which means washingNo, but is to face the most expensive, with a 'free good' label. blame yourself no good Pack, called the exchange of information is not complete and secondly, hotel cleaning staff or any other person for accountability? three may also be a third?
  • e01004325
    Hotel Grand, inside the rooms is very old, bathroom really needs renovating, carpeting the ground you want to update, not the best carpets, tiles instead, because with the sea, a lot of moisture.
  • lengyiming
    Pretty good ... come to this hotel on a business trip.
  • dd11653340
    Five-star decoration, a lot of management to keep up
  • summer2892585
    Hotel facilities are older, but good!
  • fansa
    Good price, sea view very well, consider staying again, that is not included in the price breakfast is not very good.
  • e01775180
    Good location, across the street is the sea. facility slightly old rooms, shower water is very large, there is a small balcony good.
  • imyipsan
    Everything else is OK, breakfast is poor, CNY60/people and charged, this is totally unacceptable ... to Zhuhai again, ready for a hotel.
  • e01000476
    OK, is the hotel's facilities is a bit too old
  • joyri
    The impression is very poor, taps flowing water, flowing water is rust, bad service. so then live Harbour view hotel
  • liyinan_1017
    Room environment in General, and its opposite Beach
  • pangtianyu
    Sea view, close to the beach, away from the Zhuhai Fisher girl, beach
  • junjun881108
    Good. the surrounding environment is good, the old hotel. every time I go to live in Zhuhai.
  • e01839172
    Every time I go to Zhuhai dehan hotel, room facilities some of the old, but the service level bars
    Very convenient, good health facilities
  • amoniaplanet
    Hotel facilities are too old
  • d05518930
    Or like to live here in Zhuhai. Larger than Bay Hotel, sea view and beautiful. Son liked the large room. Originally booked a double sea view room, and give me a free upgrade of the room. Looking forward to the next
  • e02040259
    Nice! very clean
  • badboy3249
    Strange water system does not open ~ ~ Windows ~ however really good location ~ services ~ ~ waking up very late around Guilin rice noodles right hand turning on the rolls taste pretty good ~
  • Pingu Babe
    Very good, worth living, early can also
  • Orlando
    Good location, a little time, so old ... must ridicule services forgotten pair of shoes in the hotel immediately by phone to confirm some say better than two days I came back from the island return to get to the hotel and then ask for their ready to find half an hour to four hotel staff did not find it! records, but they don't know where management!
  • jxjuan
    At the beach with great view
  • lvcobe
    Good location, opposite the beach in, Zhuhai fish girl also is nearby, hotel is not very new, but comfortable to live.
  • ipang
    Which is very nice
  • witness1031
    Hotel location was excellent, near the sea, couple on the road ... but slightly old rooms facilities.
  • e03033278
    Poor surrounding sea, rooms and service attitude can also
  • andygore
    Friends, good
  • babytanglei
    Five-star can be, is a little old, common room and saw a little sea views, close to Jiuzhou port, Jingshan Park, bus station K10 to the sea Kingdom
  • angelyxf
    Overall, the facility is a bit old
  • binxuer
    Help a friend, excellent value, next time is here
  • Cole0759
    Swimming close to the beach, you can take a walk on the beach, the surrounding environment is good.
  • Ben ben
    An older five star hotel so it is a little run down but it is a value five star hotel as the room rate is cheap and it has plentiful eateries, convenience stores and a great (large) indoor pool and a passable gym with treadmills and and several other machines. Located right across from the patrolled and netted beach. Friendly helpful staff with passable English. Recommended.
  • E00181280
    Being on the road a couple, good location ... service was good. is the facility is a bit old ... and will live again!
  • gang_m
    The perfect location, to go swimming too convenient, old but the quality of the hardware.
  • ntxiaobo
    Hotel atmosphere to eat inexpensive next to live here
  • Laylayong
    Hotel location is very good, go to the beach to walk 3 minutes which is very convenient. go to Zhuhai department store, Jingshan Park, fisherwoman walks 2 stations, play will continue to stay at this hotel next time I go to Zhuhai
  • Jmonstr
    Is not the first time Fred John, this is mountain view, across the road from the beach, beautiful sand rough. and many of the restaurants around the hotel, get hotel staff eager to help. but the point is that the hotel seems to be in need of renovation.