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Zhuhai zhanglongjiudian the Spring Festival to meet more than 500000 visitors

Date: 2014-02-25

Chime-long international circus city international circus events of ace program.
As high as 63 meters giant whale sharks sculpture shock and all the attention.
Zhuhai hengqin long lung bay hotel is rich in Marine elements and amazing dolphin theme style.
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Information times reporter Li Sha benban images
Information times reporter Guo Ketang
Much-anticipated chime-long international ocean resort zhuhai first phase project of the three major projects, namely the zhuhai hengqin bay hotel, long lung, chimep-long ocean kingdom chime-long international circus city opened in January this year, was popular and admiring the domestic tourists, and only in the seven days of the Spring Festival holiday, just, every 500000 people over 46000 visitors a day on average, created the miracle of domestic theme park.
"Long lung" gold-lettered signboard to detonate zhuhai scenic spot
Zhuhai hengqin chime-long international ocean resort is located in the Chinese national open new district close to macau, hengqin new area, is applied chime-long group international advanced technology and experience, independent innovation, and USES the state-of-the-art equipment, the best design and the most perfect management, to build a world-class super-large integrated theme tourist resort, with many world-class theme park as the core, set the theme park, luxury hotels, travel shopping, sports leisure in one.
According to understand, the project planning and design is divided into the rich auspicious bay, hengqin mountain, the cove, the three major groupings after the completion of a comprehensive will become the world's largest Marine theme resort, every year is expected to attract over 2000 visitors from all over the world. In addition to the already built long lung, chimep-long international circus city ocean kingdoms and long lung hengqin bay hotel, zhuhai hengqin chime-long international ocean resort will also appear the popular science education and breeding of rare and endangered animals in the integration of world, super water world of animals and night night "" dream big display, as well as the world's highest ferris wheel, the longest wooden coaster, the most advanced 5 a cinema and so on, there will be a big MAC" world-class tourism "and" long lung "of the world, not only will create a new history of the Chinese theme park industry, as well as with Macao fully complementary, greatly extend the development space, further enhance the status of the zhuhai as a tourist city, make its formation and keeps abreast of Hong Kong and Macao China and the third has the attractive tourist holiday destinations in the world.
Zhuhai ocean resort has long lung after opening, quickly, "zhanglongjiudian the gold-lettered signboard" brand benefit played an indispensable role. Chime-long group was founded in 1989, owned by guangzhou chime-long tourist resort is China's first national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot and the "national cultural industry demonstration base". The operation and development for many years, "long lung" brand has deep for the general public and tourists alike, on the one hand to chime-long brand has trained a large number of loyal consumers; On the other hand "long lung product must belong to the competitive products" has become the consensus of the market, for the social from all walks of life.
A world class Marine theme park, fill the blank of the market
It is understood that chime-long international ocean resort first three projects, distinctive chime-long hengqin bay hotel is China's largest ocean theme hotel, known as "castle" the attention of the world ocean; Chime-long international circus city has one of the world's most advanced professional circus performance venues, the international circus events of ace program; Ocean kingdom has long lung is the core of the first period engineering and leading projects, have many projects and the world's leading industry, just appearance is stunning the world.
As the world's biggest and most top Marine theme park, long lung ocean kingdom has a number of industry, education, entertainment,leisurein one, to meet different tourists all the latest, most complete, the pursuit of the most incredible. The construction project of the total area more than the world's biggest ocean theme park, for the world's largest Marine theme park; The aquarium pavilion here is as high as 63 m, exhibition hall, is the world's largest Marine fish water 3.1 cubic, than is currently the world's largest, is 1.5 liters of water aquarium water beyond The Times, the museum have different varieties breeding of up to 15000 exotic fish. It is also China has the most devil fish aquarium; For more installed inside the whale shark exhibition of the world's largest acrylic glass, 39.6 meters long, 8.3 meters high, 0.65 meters thick, horizon grand, invincible shock undersea wonders; Here also has Asia's first flight of the roller coaster, Asia's first water roller coaster.
The emergence of the personage inside course of study says, chimep-long ocean kingdom, fill in the mainland China not world-class Marine theme park market blank, in the fierce competition in the theme park industry, of its own.
Weibo micro letter word-of-mouth attract many tourists
It is reported that the zhuhai hengqin long lung bay hotel, international circus city long lung, chimep-long ocean kingdom after opening, a lot of tourists.
Enter long lung, at present is a new magic world -
Into the long lung ocean kingdom, can feel the colorful sea world fun: gorgeous seaweed in side, the mystery of the devil rays from overhead; Beside the giant octopus family HuanLeShu modelling, and Asian small otters play; In all-weather thermostatic polar theatre, watching the excellent performances of the white whale; In Asia the only water roller coaster ornamental cute polar bears; A global track the longest flight rollercoaster ride through the jungle of mystery and thriller; To enter the kingdom of the sea area, the highlight of the Marine wonders ultra wide "screen" glass dome let visitors as if place oneself bright magnificent sea palace, there is Germany's latest introduction of interaction at the bottom of the boat, like a submarine with tourists stalking the colorful undersea world, all kinds of rare sea animals around, impossibly beautiful undersea screen allows visitors to dump.