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Chaton Hall

The conference rooms on the 4F are named after Guo and equipped with TV screen, mic - rophones, TV recorder, projec - tor, Hi - fi, simultaneous langua - ge interpreting facilities.

There areGolden Age Opera HouseHai Tian Yi Se RoomNational BallroomGuo Wang RoomGuo Yun HallGuo Sheng RoomHai Tian HallGuo Xiang HallGuo Se HallHaiyun HallGuoyan HallGuoxing HallGuocui Hall.

Location:5th floor


Introduction:Conference facilities: lobby LED display, multimedia projector, (electric/support) projection screen, DVD machine, TV sets, tape recorder, handheld wireless microphone, LingGa type wireless microphone, gooseneck meeting microphone, conference microphone hand in hand, prospects board, vertical band feet white board, fixed background board, IB...


Type and Capacity
Return typeThe desk typeTheatre typeParty typeU typeStrip typeCocktail type


length*width(m)area(m2)Ceiling(m)floornatural light
Fan site682.85 floorNo

Facilities and Services

Multimedia Facilities
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Mineral water、tea、coffee